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Why not try our racquet demonstration service? We are one of the very few companies that run a demo service. We have many satisfied customers who have taken advantage of our demo service before they have invested in their new "on-court weapon".

We have the most current, popular tennis, squash and badminton demonstration racquets for you to try before you buy - over 100 to choose from!

Our scheme is simple:

o    Come to our shop to book you demos - there is often a waiting list for the most popular racquets, so please be patient!

o    You can play with the racquet(s) for up to 7 days before returning them

o    We charge a £90 deposit per demo racquet you try (which is fully refundable upon the returning of the demo racquet and purchase of a new racquet. There is a £5 charge if you do not purchase a racquet)  - Please go to the bottom of the page to see a full list of our Terms and Conditions 


Our Current Demo Racquets

Tennis Racquets

Clash 100 Tour 2019
Clash 100 2019
Blade 98 S 2017
Blade 98 UL 2017
Blade 104 2017
Burn 95 FST 2016
Burn FST 99 2016
Burn FST 99 S 2016
Burn 100 ULS 2017
Burn 100 S CV 2017
Burn 100 CV 20117
Steam 105 S 2017
Pro Staff 97 CV 2019
Pro Staff RF 97 Auto 2019
Ultra 108 2016
Ultra 100 CV 2018
Ultra Tour 2018
Ultra 100 UL 2018

Instinct MP 2019
Instinct Lite 2019
Instinct Power 2017 
Instinct S 2017
Speed MP 2019
Speed Pro 2019
Radical MP 2018
Radical S 2018
Radical Pro 2018 

Cx 200 Tour 918x20) 2019
CX 200 305g 2019
CX 200 LS 2019
CV 5.0 OS 2019
CV 3.0 FLS 2019

Pure Drive 2018
Pure Drive Tour 2018
Pure Drive Team 2018
Pure Drive Lite 2018
Pure Aero 2019
Pure Aero Team 2019
Pure Aero Lite 2019

Strike 16/19 2017
Strike Team 2017
Strike 100 2017
VS Aero 2017
VS Tour 2017


T-Flash 300
T-Fight 295
T-Fight 255
T-Flash 265

Tour 95 Textreme 2017
Tour 100T 2017
Beast 104 280g 2018
Beast 104 260g 2018

Pro Kennex
Q+30 2018
Q+15 2018
Q+5 2018
Ki 15 2018
KI 5 300g 2018
Ki 5 280g 2018
Q Tour 325
Black Ace 98

Organix 6 2016
Organix 1 2017
Powerbridge 10 

V-Core 100 (300g) 2018
V-Core 98 2018
V-Core Pro (310g) 2018
V-Core Pro (330g) 2018

V-Core SV 98 (305g)2018
EZone 98 Alpha 2018
EZone Lite 2018
EZone 100 2018
EZone 98 2018
V-Core Si 100 (280g) 2017
V-Core Si 98 (305g) 2017

Mantis 250 2016
Mantis 305 Tour 2016
Mantis 265 2016


Squash Racquets

Speed 120L (Pink) 2017
Radical 135 (2018)
GT Rdical 120SB (2019)
GT Radical 135SB (2019)
G360 Speed 120 (2019)
G360 Speed 135 (2019)
G360 Speed 120SB (2019)
G360 Speed 135SB (2019)

Suprem Blast 2017
Carboflex ES 125 X-Speed (2018)
Carboflex NS 125 X-Speed (2018)
Carboflex 130 X-Speed (2018)
Carboflex 135 X-Speed (2018)
Dynergy 125 2017
Dynergy 130 2017
Dynergy 135 2017
Suprem 125 2018
Suprem 130 2018
Suprem 135 2018
Dynergy 120 APX (2019)
Dynergy 130 APX (2019)
Dynergy 135 APX (2019)

Pro Staff CV 2017

Pro Rebel 950 2017
Pro Tour 850  2017
Team (Pink) 2017

Powerkill 120( 2016)
Powerkill 130 (2016)
Powerkill 120 ZX (2109)
Powerkill 115 ZX (2019)
Powerkill 110 SL (2019)
Venom X-FLASH (2019)

Force 125 Yellow 2016
Force 125 Blue 2016
Elite Green 2016
Pro 130 Blue (2017)
Pro 140 Red (2017)
Revelation 135 (2017)

FF Core Pro (2019)
FF Core 110 (2019)

Black Knight
Magnum Corona 6 (2017)


Badminton Racquets

Yonex Astrox
Astrox 99
Astrox 88D
Astrox 88S
Astrox 77 (Blue)
Astrox 77(yellow)

Yonex Duora
Duora Z-Strike
Duora 10
Duora 10 LT
Duora 9
Duora 8 XP
Duora 7
Duora 6

Yonex Voltric
Voltric FB (Green)
Voltric FB (Blue)
Voltric 20DG

Yonex Nanoray
Nanoray Z-Speed
Nanoray Glanz
Nanoray 900
Nanoray 800
Nanoray 750
Nanoray 700FX

Yonex Nanoflare
Nanoflare 700 (Blue)
Nanoflare 700 (Red)
Nanoflare 370

Yonex Arcsaber
Arcsaber 11

Racquet Ball

Extreme Edge 175

Pro Kennex
Shadow 170 2016


Terms and Conditions

We want you to enjoy the opportunity of playing with the latest racquets to help inform your buying choice. By making use of our demonstration scheme, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

How much does the demo scheme cost?

For each racquet you burrow, we charge a £90 deposit. We accept all major cards except AMX. This deposit is fully refundable against any racquet you buy from us (subject to the clarifications below). A £5 service charge will be made for each racquet if you do not purchase a new racquet from us.

How long can I keep the demo?

You must return the racquet(s) within 7 days after you have received them.

What happens if I return the racquet(s) late?

Keeping racquets longer than 7 days prevents other customers from trying them out. If any racquets are returned more than 2 weeks late, your deposit will be forfeited. The racquets will remain the property of The Racquet Centre.

What if I decide not to buy a racquet?

Simply return the demo(s) back us and we will refund the deposit less a £5 service charge per demo racquet.

What grip size are the demos?

All our demos are a grip size 3. You are welcome to add another grip or over grip to the racquet whilst you have it.

What happens if the strings break?

We try and ensure that all demo racquets are regularly strung, but string breakages are an unavoidable part of racquet sports. if the strings break, simply return the racquet to us for restringing - you will not be charged for the restring. Please do not have the racquet restrung by anyone else.

What happens if the frame brakes?

Frame breakages are your responsibility unless they are due to a manufacturing fault. In the unlikely situation that the frame breaks, please return it to us. We will return it to the manufacturer for checking. If they do not replace it, we will charge you for the cost of a new demo racquet.

How do I go about buying a racquet?

Simply return the demo(s) back and we will supply you with a brand new racquet with the correct grip size. The total price will be reduced by the sum of all the demo fees you have paid.

Can I have my new racquet(s) custom strung?

Many of our new racquets come pre-strung but we can string them up to your preference for a reduced cost. If it is factory strung, we charge £5 less than our normal stringing price for a new racquet to be custom strung.


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