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Li-Ning Ultra Carbon 9000


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Li-Ning Ultra Carbon 9000 Badminton Racket is a quick reacting racket for doubles players. The slim shaft and wing stabilizer cut the air for fast swing speeds.

Ultra Carbon construction using stiff carbon fibres that will resist deformation making a strong durable racket that transfers power to the shuttle.

High tensile slim shaft is stiff and at 7mm it has an excellent aerodynamic profile.

Aerotec-beam system uses aerodynamic designs with low drag to create a shape that cuts the air quickly.

Wing Stabilizer - A system designed to correct the deformation of the frame on impact. This provides a stable hitting face and results in greater accuracy. Following the hit the stabiliser continues to work to reduce vibrations through the racket.

Dynamic Optimum Frame - The headshape is designed to move the sweetspot higher up the string-bed for increased power. This also creates a larger area for control to aid on defensive shots.

Weight: 85 g
Length: 675 mm
Balance: 290 mm from handle - Head light
Construction: Carbon Fibre

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