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Li-Ning Woods LD90 II


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Li-Ning Woods LD90-II is the 2nd generation racket designed based on racket specification of the Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion, Lin Dan as they called "Taylor-Made for Lin Dan". This 2nd generation racket model, Woods LD90-II, is more weighted on the head compared to the first generation. The racket is very stiff and weighted toward the head to achieve extreme control and power for aggressive play.

Designed with heavy weighted racket head, high-tensile shaft, and elevated balance point, the Li-Ning Woods LD90 is the players weapon for powerful aggressive attacks. The racket is reinforced by compressive-structure frame for intricate and steady strokes to achieve high maneuverability and control of shots.

The racket name "Woods" came from the adage in Sun Tzu Art of War that stated, "When in movement, be as swift as the storm. When in tactics, be as intricate as the woods. When in aggression, be as ferocious as the flame. When in stillness, be as steady as the rocks". Top badminton players' unrivalled tactics share the same characteristics with Woods - exuberant, invulnerable and boundless.

Weight: 85g - 89g
Material: Carbon Fibre
Colour: Red/Gold
Length: 675mm
Balance Point: 300mm
Flex: Medium

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